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Just one week left…

…to preorder RJ Astruc’s novel A Festival of Skeletons!

“I’m not only reserving bookshelf space for the printed edition of A Festival of Skeletons, I’ll be reserving reading and re-reading time for it, too. Be careful of this one, readers; you won’t want to put it down, either!”
~Jean Johnson, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Sons of Destiny series

A Festival of Skeletons will be released on December 1. Preorders are open through October 31! Bundle it with our new anthology, Crossed Genres Year Two, and save even more!


…to purchase a copy of Crossed Genres issue 12: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered & Queer! After October 31 the popular LGBTQ issue of Crossed Genres will come down from the website, and will no longer be sold. Print copies have been discounted to $6 (Amazon or Createspace), and you can pick up a digital copy for just $1 (PDF or PRC)!


…to submit a story to the Celebration issue! This issue is the first one edited by the new team of Jaym Gates and Natania Barron! Show them you know how to party – or at least, your characters do!


…until the Characters of Color issue (#24) is released! This is a really remarkable issue, with 11 excellent stories, 2 fascinating interviews and some stunning artwork. We can’t wait for you all to see it!
The Characters of Color issue releases the same day that Apex Magazine releases its Arab/Muslim themed issue! Be sure to check Apex out as well!

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The Crossed Genres Kickstarter drive for preorders of A Festival of Skeletons is now open!

A Festival of Skeletons
by New Zealand author RJ Astruc is a remarkable novel of zombies, necromancers, merkind, serial killers and cross-dressing. This 78,000-word novel has been serialized for subscribers on the Crossed Genres website, and now it’s being published in its entirety! (175 pp., trade paperback)

Read the first three chapters of A Festival of Skeletons for free!

The official release date of A Festival of Skeletons will be December 1, 2010, but people who pledge to the Kickstarter will have your copies shipped early!

Print preorders are just $11 USD, shipping included ($15 outside US/Canada), and ebooks are just $4! Plus there are little extras for each level of pledge.

You can even get A Festival of Skeletons bundled with our anthology, Crossed Genres Year One: just $8 for ebooks, or $19 for print ($27 overseas)!

Please visit the Kickstarter page for more information, and pick up this amazing novel. And help us out by spreading the word!

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