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We strongly dislike asking for money. This is a major failing for a business.

Having been on the wrong end of the hard sell far too often, we balk at pushing too hard when Crossed Genres comes out with a new publication, or has a sale. We don’t want to alienate readers, especially since the real point of CG is to get good work out there – we don’t want to discourage people from coming to read what we publish by making the reading experience unpleasant. We even keep ads completely out of our print and ebook publications, and have minimal ads on the website. We want people to buy our publications because they want to, not because they’re over-saturated with advertisements about it.

But the results of these attempts to be user-friendly is that we’ve got a good and growing reputation, and not even close to enough revenue to cover expenses. As I mentioned in another post, we’re over $1600 in the hole for 2010 alone. It’s not that we’re expecting to get rich doing this – we’re not delusional – but $1600 is a lot of money for two working stiffs to lose every year.

And when that other post went up, asking people to please consider supporting us by making a purchase, the results were… underwhelming. There were plenty of retweets on Twitter, and a few wonderful people did buy something, but it was mostly friends and family, and the total was pretty small.

So the question is: do we push harder? Like I said, we don’t want to alienate readers, but we do need some stronger sales if we’re going to keep doing this publishing thing. How would you, as readers, feel if there were more constant sales pitches? If there were more ads on the site, or even in the magazine? Would this cause a negative reaction? Or would you accept that it’s a necessity for us? (Would it encourage you to make a purchase? ;)

Please let us know in the comments. As consumers and readers we know what we think, but as publishers, we want to know what you think.

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